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by admin, February 29, 2016

Marketing of Movies /Web Series

Film makers today faces huge challenge with growing content and competitive platforms . The Challenge of  getting people on the potential audience for investors aware about the project. Marketing of movies and the content are  being made on daily basis by unlimited creaters but  it's not necessary that all of this content is going to reach potential audience .How much could maybe, while it looks very difficult, but with FBP’s marketing support it can be a real.

FBP markets your content not only to the potential Domestic & International distributors through its channels,but also to the festivals. FBP co-ordinates with the Festival Directors,  Coordinators, Programmers to get your movie or content screening.

FBP has a network of enterprising marketeers, sales agents globally and once your project is been accepted by us we worked with you as your partner.

It was very important that filmmaker to understand that their jobs is  specialized. For example if you are a scriptwriter you have to have unique storytelling,mesmerizing screenplays.

Similarly l if you are a director then  visualizing the scenes from the script is again specialized job.Similarly Marketing and Distribution should be left to a  specialist as this  job requires a lot of of ground work  needs to be done in a very professional manner.  A good film if does not reaches to the right audience is injustice not just to a filmmaker but to the audience who is also looking to view such content .

Reaching the distributors again is so very critical to be able to create right awareness in the right way  to the potential distributors. Its always said that let the distributor reach you rather then you reach the distributor. As a filmmaker you have lot of challenges already in your hand why add one more outsource sales and marketing of your project to a specialized Agencies who can contact the distributors who can contact the right festivals , people who can contact the potential collaborators ,the potential PR agencies can create that wave within the market .

Lot of time the filmmakers especially the Indie filmmakers do not understand there is a limit theaters and platforms  available and much of the year project cannot go on  highway if they are not released. With the advent of V O D ( Video on Demand)  there is a new channel distributing your project. In upcoming years  even within VOD platforms will give you fierce  competition .Platforms like Netflix, Amazon, Itune acquire project  and pay you but how you market your project is going to be very critical and that's why you need a very specialised organisation

What to do, how to do, when to do, why to do is depending upon your budget we have various packages available to work as a complete outsourcing partner for your project.

We are not just going to say that we are your sales agent outsourced the complete marketing to us the first step is treating awareness using various marketing techniques today's social media festivals personal contacts in place advertisements possible sponsors and the next step getting the distributors attracted towards your project.

FBP would help you creation of press kits for the Media and organise events to promote your movies within the festivals or outside to make people aware about the buzz it would create before the release of the same.

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