3DVR Total Solution Service

by Amit Rajput, January 2, 2017

3 DVR Total Solution Service

FBP produce a total solution service that can deliver a high-quality VR experience. Extensive research and development has been carried out, covering several technological factors including high quality 3DVR content creation, applications and viewers to run the content, and evaluation of vital stability during viewing. Each element has been integrated into the production system to ensure the highest quality VR experience. We have collaboration with Japanese  Company.

Creating 3DVR Content


Professional VR filming in the highest level of quality and stability

  • Collaboration between 3DVR research team and experienced live-filming teams. the most advanced and skilled VR film-making.
  • Use several full-size 35mm 4k cameras for multi-angle filming.
  • External SSD recorder supports real-time previews, filming for extended periods (over 3 hours) and high bit-rate. 

QXD (Quality eXperience Design)

Collaboration with 3D image creators and professionals

Proven results in 2D to 3D conversions for both domestic and international motion pictures.

3D filming using an original VR rig


3DVR creation by converting from 2D to 3D


Generate binocular parallax from depth-maps


3D Sound Recording

  • The worlds first binaural microphone which provides multiple simultaneous binaural sound recordings.
  • The only model equipped with the renowned super-miniature 4060 microphone by Denmark's microphone specialist DPA (Danish Pro Audio)
  • SDK development that supports VR head tracking.



VR Platform VOOR App

  • Purchasing function supported.
  • Limit viewers using QR code.
  • Supports downloads and streaming.
  • Supports 3D images

Examples of actual VR filming

  • [stage] sengoku musou

Coming Soon

Live streaming (currently being implemented)

3D sound

Original 3D Viewer VOOR glasses

  • Original high-quality lens.
  • Large diameter 34 mm lens.
  • Folds away, easy to assemble.
  • Visor and sides provide complete virtual immersion.



Simple Original 3D Viewer VOOR Glasses Lite

  • Large diameter 34 mm lens,
  • Folds away, easy to assemble.
  • Folds to the size of a Blu-ray Disc.

VR Consulting

  • Consultation for safety and comfort during trials.
  • Consultation for VR installation.

VR Project “VOOR” details “VR Total Solution” That flows seamlessly from upstream to downstream!

Shooting and Editing

  • In addition to 3D filming, also supports 2D to 3D conversion of panoramic images. (Proven results in 2D to 3D conversions for both domestic and international motion pictures.)
  • Stable filming for hours. (Record entire shows and live performances.)
  • Cost effective and consistent support for projects from rig development to filming and editing.


  • One of the most downloaded paid apps in Japan.
  • Proven support provided for paid content.
  • System able to handle high volume (up to several hundreds of thousands) of simultaneous access.
  • Includes BtoB applications for trade shows and demos.
  • Supports You Tube. (Including live streaming)


  • Over 100,000 sold.
  • Joint Developments through partnerships between businesses and academic institutions. Ergonomically approved lens design and assembly.
  • Glasses among the easiest to assemble!

Live Streaming

  • Supports individual and YouTube streaming.
  • Supply you own materials.
  • Output supported by numerous platforms.

Main examples of actual VR filming

2014.9                   SHEENA & THE ROKKETS

2015. 3                  AKB48

2015.5                  [Stage] sengoku musou

2015.6                  [Festival] ITADAKI-2015

2015.10                 MILKY HOLMES

2016.3                  GOLDEN BOMBER

2016.5                 MILKY HOLMS

2016.6                 C-ute                         and more

Team FBP