Fusion Bliss Production started in March 2015 is Based in Mumbai , Bollywood India and is a promoted by Mr Rohit Gupta who heads an IT Company India Outsources and has diversified or expanded into Film Making . With Over 12 years of New Age and First Generation Entrepreneurship experience , FBP has already started making waves in the International Film Circuits .

As the current movie industry is growing and almost all of us would be interested to invest and produce a movie of our own. There are some who simply make a movie for profit and others could make use of it in the different projects that they have. However, in order for anyone to have the best movie out there, all they need is to have a production company that would be able to help with the whole process. And Fusion bliss is a perfect solution for this concern. FUSION  BLISS  is a combination of Energies , producing contentment and feel good .

At Fusion Bliss Productions we aim to make production of Creative combination of movies which shows Yin-Yang in Chinese Mythology and likewise in Indian Mythology also it has been shown how Asuras (Evil) and Devtas (Good) have come up together on a platform to do Samudra Manthan and brought Amrit (Nectar). Its a Concept of Fusion . At Fusion Bliss we search , promote , distribute and market such concepts.

Fusion Bliss Productions is a production house that creates trustworthy “script to screen” measures for all forms of media. This includes production of short movies, Feature Movies. Fusion Bliss Productions is a very popular choice whose produced films truly capture people’s attention and approval, we are not limited to certain genre, but we explore different genres to fulfil client’s and audience needs , but should have a Positive Message to our Audience , not to compromise its entertainment and cinema aesthetics , Fusion Bliss also uses different kind of special effects and makeup that can be used by their staff to bring reality into every character that is being portrayed. We as a production company can cater to clients who deliver different types of movies for their viewer’s distinct and diverse needs.

Fusion Bliss Productions also provide related shooting and editing equipments for the upcoming new productions


Technical Team and others can also email their profile at above . Make sure you clearly mention your objective with us . It would be better incase we dont want to loose you and vice versa.


Team FBP