Team Building

by admin, February 29, 2016

Team and Career

At FBP, Formal is Boring , we believe not in Desks and Desktop , we dont believe in rules, we believe in the word called Passion and Fusion of Energies , right energies bring synergy produing Bliss which is  alone the driving force for our FBP. And we naturally align with that Bliss so career is no longer a Money making tool or a rat race . We believe as long as you enjoy your work , money is the by product of your services that you provide and add value to our customers and audience .  Whoever joins us at this stage can make their own rules and make their own way of working said and done the team work which means team and project is more independent than individuals .

We would like to invite you to a coffee at some place in the office we also prefer that most of our work can be done from your home while waste so much at your traffic but human relationships require a face-to-face meeting and held in the post of work and Post follow-ups but initially we would like to see each other understand each other really find out if you have what is needed for our team then come drop in your resume right away and we'll get back to you ASAP and this is human being who is going to follow up so he or she may need some time to reply .

Team FBP